Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The kitchen is the heart of any home. The wonderful food that we all love every day is prepared in the kitchen and the whole family’s health relies on the cleanliness standards of the kitchen. Looking for a cheap and expert kitchen cleaning services provider, Urban Cleaner is the finest one with extensive experience in the cleaning business.

Why Urban Cleaner for kitchen cleaning services?

  • It’s important to prevent pests and dust off your kitchen shelves and maintain it completely clean and sanitary.
  • We know the efforts that go into cleaning a kitchen, from the grease stains on the stove and the burned markings on the walls to the termites that may have infested your shelves or the discolored flooring.
  • Need not to worry, Urban Cleaner is here to take care of all your kitchen cleaning issues, to make sure your kitchen is free of all the stains and filth and is spick & span before you realize it!

What is the necessity for kitchen cleaning service providers?

In today’s hectic schedules nobody has enough time to invest in cleaning settings like home, workplace, hospitals, schools, etc. Cleaning service providers play an essential function to save the customers time and energy. Although there are numerous service providers in India.

Benefits of Kitchen Cleaning Services:

  • Quality Services from the top class experts
  • Doorstep Service available
  • Flexible Time slot booking facility
  • High-quality chemicals use which never harms 100 percent effective cleaning service
  • Affordable price bundles
  • Exclusions: Removing and putting the back of utensils, cleaning of cutlery.

What is included in kitchen cleaning services?

  • Corner Cleaning: Cleaning each and every corner for elimination of dirt and stain for a Spotless and germ-free kitchen.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and laundry appliances: Removing cobwebs and a thorough dusting of your kitchen includes tiles, walls, fans, and light fixtures windows, door, and switchboards.
  • Complete wiping and dusting
  • Cleaning using a brush and vacuuming off dust: Scrubbing and cleaning of kitchen tiles, wall preparation-table, storage cupboards (externally), counters.
  • Cleaning the places where grease and grime may build up, such as beneath the stove and around the seats of the fridge, exhaust fans, and Chimney.
  • Degreasing of gas hobs/burners and Chimney hoods.
  • Cleaning on stainless steel and Chrome kitchen fittings.
  • Open shelf cleaning with jars and utensils removed.
  • Chimney, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and other electrical kitchen equipment should be cleaned from the outside.
Type of WorkPrice
Normal KitchenRs.1399/-
Commercial KitchenRs.2499/-